Thursday, October 19, 2006

Useless Information

*Note: this was typed up before working out (see previous post), hence the complete words, proper spelling & use of capital letters

Little things I've learned over the years (usually involving fire or pain):

Cat litter is combustible

Trying to recharge a 9-volt battery by touching the terminals to a lamp plug with bare wires & plugging it in to the wall doesn't work (it's also how I found out that cat litter burns)

Windex isn't a very effective wasp repellant

Wasps are a lot smarter than they look

They're vindictive little so & so's, too

Mixing chlorine & pool cleaner together isn't really a good idea, but it makes a wicked cool looking green cloud

Mixing bleach & cleaning chemicals is an even worse idea

Just because you find a food for really cheap at the store doesn't mean it's a good idea to eat it

Doritos can be ignited

So can the little plastic ends of shoelaces

Lizards can jump

I don't like lizards, jumping or otherwise

In a battle between your nose & the rear spoiler of a 1974 Pinto stationwagon, the spoiler will always win

The results are the same in a fight between your head & a cinder block

Whole limes have a very high resistance to being torched with hairspray & a lighter

Human forearm hair, on the other hand, burns down to nothing in a split second

The warning on the spraypaint can's not kidding when it says not to puncture the can

I can say, with perfect confidence, that almost anything is better than being poked in the eye with a sharp stick

Earwigs pop when exposed to massive amounts of fire

You can't make a fire alarm stop going off by spraying it with air freshener

You can, however, make it stop by ripping it off the ceiling

Holding a cat while walking into a room with a dog is a bad, bad idea