Monday, October 16, 2006

Treinta y Cinco

My birthday weekend:

Drive, drive, drive, brake, brake, brake, curse under breath, brake, curse under breath, drive, drive, miss the entrance to Knott's Berry Farm, curse under breath, drive, drive, drive, pass parking lot on the back-forty, drive, find entrance to Knott's, miss picnic area parking, curse under breath, drive, park in the back-forty parking, curse under breath, walk, walk, walk, get in line, get on ride, up, up, up, downdownscreamdownscreamcorkscrewscreamscreamloopcorkscrewturn, up, up, up, dropscreamtwiststop, walk, walk, walk, eat, eat, eat, drink, drink, drink, walk, walk, walk, drive, drive, drive, Battlefront II, sleep, wake up, drive, drive, drive, eat, eat, eat, shop, shop, shop, Empire At War, sleep.

Turning 35 takes a lot out of a person...

Thanks for all the well wishes, gifts & forwarded emails from celebrities - y'all are the best!

Here's looking to another year!