Saturday, November 29, 2003

Christmas, Christmastime is here...

The Christmas season has finally begun. No, not because of the decorations going up or the after Thanksgiving sales or even because of the holiday music playing all over the dial. No, I know Christmas is right around the corner because of just one thing...

I saw the first Clapper & Chia Pet commercials of the year last night.

I'm thinking about getting a Chia Scooby-Doo head & growing a mohawk on it.

"Clap on, clap off..."

Thursday, November 27, 2003

Gobble, gobble...

A happy Thanksgiving to all,
& to all a tryptophan induced coma!

Unless you or one of your family members are a turkey, in which case I give you my most heartfelt condolences.

Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Three minds, eight hours & email

Tim, Kevin & I get bored. Really bored. And what happens when we get bored? We write letters to celebrities in each others name (well, mostly Tim's). Yes, we probably need to get out more.

Or be locked up.

Anyway, since I still have nothing to write & have yet to get a sandwich (I keep getting sucked into other blogs), here's a sample of some of our letters. OK, one for now.


ABC Television
Programming Department
Los Angeles, CA

To Whom It May Concern –
This letter is a petition requesting that you bring back my favorite show, “Full House”, to your TGIF line-up. As a long time fan of the show, I was greatly saddened by the cancellation of it 7 years ago. All I have had to remind me of what was, in my humble opinion, Television’s 2nd Golden Age (the first being the timeframe that included Silver Spoons, Joanie Loves Chachi & Punky Brewster) are my VHS recordings of almost every episode of Full House (my parents used my tape of the third season to record my brother’s birth), episodes of “Out of Control”, a Canadian kids show starring Dave Coullier & numerous Olsen Twins videos. Since then, only the Olsen Twins have had another show on your network. & it failed. Do you know why?

It was lacking the comedic one-two punch of Dave Coullier & Bob Saget.

How could you not see that they were the backbone of “Full House”? Without them, the show would never have reached the height of popularity that it did. John Stamos was a hack. The Olsen’s; the girl who played Steph; the ugly sister – they’d all be still doing Burger King commercials if it weren’t for Coullier & Saget.

You must bring back this comedy powerhouse if you want your network to thrive once again. Bring back “Full House.” Make it “Full House: The College Years”, following the adventures of Steph & the ugly sister as they go to the local community college, allowing for plenty of interaction with Coullier & Saget. Or “Full House: Voyager” where the family gets lost after going through a time/space portal & has to find their way back. I don’t care – just bring back Coullier & Saget.

Below, please find the signatures of others who feel as I do. The masses have spoken – are you listening, ABC?


Tim Aguirre

Petition to bring back “Full House”

Tim Aguirre

Timothy Aguirre

Timothy Alan Aguirre

Alan Aguirre

T. Aguirre

A. Aguirre
Nothing to write about...

Wait a minute! I...

Nah, I got nothing.

I need a sandwich.

Tuesday, November 25, 2003

Oh, the humanity!

If wearing glasses with an old perscription wasn't enough to make me nauseated, I accidentally left the TV on the "American Idol" Christmas sing-a-long.

Blindness isn't sounding so bad right now.
The seach for Chucky

The number of hits I get from people seaching for the "Chucky" doll that was mentioned in the Halloween Classifieds are starting to creep me out.
Mi ojo es en fuego!

My right eye is on freakin’ fire! I woke up at about 5:30 this morning & it felt like someone was digging my eye out with a spork. I’m fighting the urge to claw it out myself. It hurts to look at anything. It hurts to close my eye. It freakin’ hurts & it just keeps getting worse. Fortunately, I managed to get an appointment with the optometrist.

Arrgh! Hurry up, 11:00.


OK, back from the eye doctor. Seems I have a little bitty infection from “overwearing” my contacts. Overwearing meaning that I’ve been a bad boy & slept in my contacts & had left them in too long. Got my knuckles rapped for that. My eye is still uncomfortable. They’re getting tired, too, because, first of all, I’m not accustomed to wearing spectacles & second, the prescription on this pair is about as old as the Boy. My vision is only marginally improved by wearing them. Instead of the blurry blobs that I see without my glasses, things look like much sharper blobs.


Tired. So. Very. Tired. My eyes are making it feel like I haven’t slept in days. I just want a nice little nap. Just a little one. Please? Pleeeeeease?


The workday’s almost done. Driving home should be fun. I just hope I can see well enough at night. This doth sucketh much. At least my eye doesn’t hurt as much. Which is to say that it’s not freakin’ on fire anymore. It feels like I have my finger stuck in my eye, which is not fun, but now it’s just more uncomfortable than painful.

A definite improvement.


Driving home was oodles of fun. Every headlight looked like it had a star filter on it. I can't wear my contacts until next Tuesday, so the fun will just keep right on comin'. *sigh*

Friday, November 21, 2003

No. 21

Just for kicks (OK, not really. I was bored & feeling a little full of myself, as well as the two baloney sandwiches I had consumed.), I Googled "My Little Corner Of The Web" to see what came up.

What came up, you ask?

5,130 other sites with the same name. 5. 1. 3. 0. While I do realize that this blog's title wasn't the most original thing I could come up with - 5,130? And I was no. 21, to boot.

So...I'm thinking of a new name for my l'il bloggie-poo. Any ideas? Any of my three loyal readers? Anything?

Ah, well. Leave your ideas in the talk box.
California Visit

Here’s the rundown of T’s trip out to the left coast. Better late than never. Enjoy, loyal readers!

Saturday, 11/8/03

After running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off trying to straighten up Casa de Jota, the big day finally arrived. The Boy & I went to the airport & proceeded to circle the parking lot about 4 or 5 times. You see, I needed to park in the lot for Terminal 4. Not a difficult request. After all, there were signs pointing the way & I could see the terminal. Should be easy, right?


Apparently, the opening for the lot for Terminal 2 was fitted with a tractor beam that was locked on to my truck, because for some reason, every time I got close to the Terminal 2 lot, I was sucked in. I kept trying to pass it, but would end up in the lot anyway. The scene in “European Vacation” where Chevy Chase & his family get stuck going in circles around downtown London (“Look kids! Parliament! Big Ben!”) kept flashing through my mind. I finally made a concentrated effort to pass Terminal 2 & when I finally did, there was much rejoicing (Yay!).

We went into the terminal & staked our little piece of real estate, waiting for T to come down the stairs. The Boy asked me what color her hair was & then proceeded to ask me “Is that her?” every time a brunette came down the escalator. Seeing her finally come on down the stairs was the best thing I’d seen in a long time. She was just as beautiful as she was when I left Arkansas.

We headed on up to the high desert area to go to my sister’s house. Unfortunately, because of the fires, everything was extra crispy going up the hill. Finally, after a long & ill planned trip through Summit Valley (not a route recommended for those who get motion sickness), we finally made it to my sister’s. On the way back home, we found some Joshua Trees & T wanted some pictures of them, as she had never seen one before (they don’t grow anywhere except the Mojave Desert & Israel). She was exhausted from a long day & a long flight, but we were just happy to be together again.

Sunday, 11/9/03

The next day it was church, the batting cages & out to my mom’s for lunch. The cages are where the Boy & I like to go & it’s a good place to vent your frustrations & aggressions. Just name each ball after whatever (or whoever) may be giving you grief. It’s very therapeutic. We dropped the Boy off at the ex’s & headed out to Mom’s.

We were going to pick the Boy up after lunch (which really turned out to be an early dinner) & have a movie night. I knew he was excited about it, as he really took a liking to T (I had to fight for my spot next to T. Every time I moved, he’d jump in & take my spot.). We got to the ex’s house to pick him up & ran into a snag. We ended up being an hour late getting there & she decided that she was “concerned” about him getting home too late. He was going to have to be up early to go to work with his uncle (he didn’t have school that Monday) & she thought it would be too hard to get him up in the morning. Now, keep in mind, this is the same person who, on the previous Thursday night, was supposed to call around 7:30 to see if the Boy wanted to stay with her, but didn’t because she “couldn’t find a phone” supposedly, & picked him up at 10:00, long after he’d gone to sleep. And he had school the next day! This is also the same person who, I guarantee you, will be late for her own funeral.

Anyway, I was understandably torqued. But T helped to calm things down. We rented a movie & had a nice, quiet evening together. Later, the ex called & we arranged for me to have the Boy the next night.

Monday, 11/10/03

Monday rolled around, & I haven’t dreaded a day like that since I left Arkansas a month earlier. We had lunch up in Oak Glen & then stopped by work to meet a few people. They were all quite impressed & liked T instantly. That evening, we picked up the Boy & a copy of Finding Nemo & had a family movie night, along with a couple of his friends. The Boy then went back to the ex & we again had the evening to ourselves.

I tried as hard as I could to make time stand still, but alas, was unable to do so. All day, I’d been in a mood, trying not to think about her leaving the next morning. It felt like she’d just gotten there & now she had to go. I was not looking forward to the empty feeling that was going to be left after she went back.

Tuesday, 11/11/03

I took her down to the airport & was not a happy camper. I tried to be a little upbeat & think positive & remember what a good time we’d had, but it just wasn’t working. I watched her go back up the stairs that just three days earlier I’d seen her come down. I watched her go through the security maze & waited until I couldn’t see her anymore. Then I made my way back to the truck to head on home. The whole way, I kept hoping to get a call from her saying that the flight was delayed or cancelled or, better yet, that she was going to stay. She did finally call, just before she boarded the plane. She told me later that she was the last person on the plane because she sat in the terminal contemplating staying. But, she knew she had things to take care of back in Arkansas. Lousy time for her rational side to show up.

It was a long day & I was in a crummy mood. I’d warned everyone that I wouldn’t be a pleasant person to be around that day. When I got home, it was quiet. Something was missing. She was missing. The feeling of completeness that I feel when I'm with her was missing. I just sat there, alone in the quiet. The whole place felt empty.

Fast forward to today

I miss her. I can't get over how much I miss her. But, as she pointed out last night, we only have something like 25 weeks left. *sigh* That only sounds a little better than 5 1/2 months. But, I know it'll be here quickly. And I know she loves me & I love her. I'm just an impatient person & am eager to get our life together started. I'd marry her tomorrow if I could.

Thursday, November 20, 2003


Last night was the Boy's parent/teacher conference. The teacher says that he's a superbright kid (must get that from me), but that she has a hard time getting him to get his work done & stick with the task at hand (definitely gets that from the ex). He's not ADD or dyslexic or anything. He just doesn't want to be bothered with the mundane stuff, like schoolwork. All three of us are unable to figure out a way (well, a way that won't involve CPS) to get him to do what he needs to do in school. Arrgh!

Saturday, November 15, 2003


Let's see how many hits I get from preverts doing Google searches for the Olsen Twins now.

& last, but not least...

Will someone pleeeease make the Olsen Twins stop making movies.

Please? Pretty please? I'll be your best friend...
Welcome to the neighborhood

A quick hello to a new reader, one of T's friends.

Hiya, Brown!
Egyptian Dwarf Trees With Welsh Accents
- or -
An Evening With John Rhys-Davies

I just finished watching The Two Towers & Raiders of the Lost Ark, featuring John Rhys-Davies as a dwarf with a Welsh accent, a dwarf in a tree's body with a Welsh accent & a large dwarf with a Welsh accent trying to do an Egyptian accent.

Thanks to T for the Indiana Jones box set. There will much making of whip-cracking noises & humming of the theme for weeks to come.
"Say hello to my leeettle friend..."

A new member was added to my family today. One that will hopefully bring me years of joy & faithful service.

Ladies & gentlemen - I am the proud owner of a 1990 goldish-brown Honda Civic. I am going from my gigantic truck (I'm turning her back over to her original owners tomorrow) to a little, teeny clown car. While the mileage will be really good, it feels weird to be sitting on the ground when I'm driving. Plus, the intimidation factor in the Civic is about -7.

Looks like I'll have to resort to glares & dirty looks.

Thanks to the good people at Championship Automotive(especially Jim & David) for working with me. You guys rock!

Friday, November 14, 2003

MLCofW Hits 500!

Well, 500 unique visitors, according to Bravenet.

Congrats to T for hitting the magic number. Your prize - you get to marry me!

*sigh* Slow morning...

Thursday, November 13, 2003

Lazy post alert!

Tim just got back from the Great White North & has this to report.

Yeah, it's a lazy post. Get over it.

On the plus side, the funk has lifted.

*Does a James Brown chair dance*

Tuesday, November 11, 2003


T's gone back to Arkansas & I miss her like I've never missed anyone before. I'm not in much of a mood to write right now. I'll fill you all in on the details later.

Just give me a day or two to get out of this funk.

Saturday, November 08, 2003

Full-on throw-it-all-in-the-closet mode

Less than four hours now 'til T's arrival. I still need to get a few more things straightened up around Casa de Jota. I haven't done squat in my room & the Boy's room looks like someone turned it upside down.

Arrrgh! My kingdom for a can of kerosene & a match.

Bachelor living has had it's good parts. I've learned how to survive when the dishes are, um..."vacationing" in the dishwasher. I invented the "Post-It Note" spoon after forgetting a spoon at work & encountering some particularly thick &, therefore, non-drinkable oatmeal. & I've learned that macaroni & cheese can be dressed up with such things as hot dogs, tuna & peas (don't knock it 'til you try it).

But, it's also has it's drawbacks. Such as today. I swear my dirty clothes get together & multiply. Maybe playing "Sex Machine" too much puts them in the mood. I dunno.

Alright, enough procrastination. I'll keep you all posted on our adventures this weekend.

Friday, November 07, 2003

12 1/2 hours & counting (but who's counting?)

I had to take a break from revisiting the "Refrigerator of Doom" (yes, the potatoes are still good). I'm just a little beat, but I still have to run some things down to the garbage or this place is going to be pretty rank.

But, on a more pleasant (& much better smelling) note, T will be here in a little over 12 1/2 hours. WEE HAW!!!

No butterflies this time. Just impatience.

"God, grant me patience & grant it to me now!"

Wednesday, November 05, 2003

"...I love you & good night"

There are times when I just can't find the words to tell T how much I love her, how much of a difference she has made in my life. Her love for me has made me feel like I never have before. I feel alive because of her love. I'm happy. Genuinely happy.

She'll be here in three more days. Then she'll have to go back to Arkansas. I know that I'm not going to want to let her go. Leaving her last month to come back to California was the hardest thing I've ever had to do. I know that letting her go when she leaves again will be painful. But, I also know, to paraphrase what she told me after I left, that she's not leaving me, just California.

Six months 'til we're married & then we'll never have to part again. It seems so near & yet so far off from now all at the same time. I can hardly wait for the time when she's the first person I see in the morning & the last as I drift off to sleep. I can't wait to feel her near me.

So sing with me softly
As the day turns to night
And later I’ll dream of paradise with you
I love you and good night

~Anniversary, Eva Cassidy

Monday, November 03, 2003

Breaking News

Did I mention that T will be here in five days? OK, just checking.
A thank you to someone who doesn’t hear it often enough

There are people in our lives that get taken for granted. It is assumed that they are always there, ready to help out in any way they can & to lend support through the rough times. & while their help in always appreciated, we sometimes forget to let them know just how grateful we are to have them in our lives. This big “Thank You” goes out to my mom.

She’s always there when trouble comes around (which has been more so over the past year). She’s been there as my relationship with T has developed to where it is today. She was the first one that I told I wanted to marry T (who’s going to be here this Saturday – wee haw!). She’s been genuinely excited about it. She’s excited about meeting T this weekend (five more days, but who’s counting). She spent all day yesterday helping out with laundry & straightening up around Casa de Jota.

She has her quirks. She tends to freak out & panic every time her computer burps. Anything with more than two buttons scares her. She’s a wee bit hard of hearing, which makes for some interesting conversations. & she hates the stairs up to my apartment. But, those are all little things that I think I can live with (although, I may have to start charging her for tech support on her computer).

Even with those quirks, she’s a pretty special person who deserves more than just some kudos on an obscure blogsite floating around in cyberspace. Perhaps one day I’ll be able to fully repay all that she’s done. Maybe I’ll pick a nicer rest home than the one I have in mind for her when the time comes.

Thanks Mom. You’re the best.