Thursday, October 05, 2006


While we're on the subject of the restroom at work, here's a little snippet of a conversation overheard there last week. This is the reason for the 'No speaking while leaking rule':

Co-Worker 1 (CW1) enters the lavatory, whistling, as usual. CW1 is quite the scofflaw when it comes to the bathroom rules.

Co-Worker 2 (CW2) enters shortly after, having to use the stall next to me to conduct his business.

Neither of them know I'm in the adjoining stall.

CW1: How're things, CW2?

CW2 (trying to adhere to the 'No speaking...' rule): Uh, fine. Just have had to go a lot today. (Why he felt the need to share this morsel of information, I don't know) Hope it's not diabetes or something. Heh, heh.

CW1: What color is it?

Me - trying to stifle my laughter while not entirely sure I'm hearing all of this

CW2: Wha?

CW1: Is it clear?

CW2:'s regular.

At this point it was almost impossible for me to hold back. I think I may have cleared my throat in an attempt to let them know that their conversation was not entirely private. At any rate, they both eventually left, possibly to continue their discourse on the color of healthy pee in a more secluded setting.

There are just things about people that I really never, ever want to know. The color of one's pee is pretty high up there.