Wednesday, August 27, 2003

Free Kid Vouchers

I received this email at work today.

To think, all this time we’ve been making kids the hard way:

From: Personnel
To: All Redlands

Knott’s Berry Farm FREE Kid Voucher

Knott's Berry Farm is offering a FREE Kid Voucher with each Adult ticket
purchased (a $10.50 savings!). Tickets are for one-day admission and sell
for $22.00 (adult) and are available at the Human Resources reception desk.
Free Kids Voucher is good through November 2, 2003. Free Child ticket is
redeemed at any Knott's ticket booth.

Gives new meaning to “Human Resources.”

Tuesday, August 26, 2003


As you’ve no doubt gathered by the somewhat syrupy posts that have graced these pages, I am in love with a wonderful, beautiful woman. We met a few months ago with no intention of anything serious starting. Just a couple of people who enjoyed writing to each other. Then, unexpectedly, things sparked between us. Very good things. I fell for her more & more with every letter. I fought it, thinking “There’s too much distance between us. This couldn’t possibly work.” The more I fought, though, the harder I fell, until I couldn’t fight it anymore. Fortunately for me, she was falling for me as well. The distance between us grew shorter as our hearts grew closer together. Now, the distance isn’t so much of a barrier as it is a minor annoyance.

I love this woman. & she loves me. I feel like I’ve finally been united with the person who I was born for & who was born for me. She’s the perfect fit for this empty hole inside of me. I know that her hand will fit perfectly in mine. I know that my arms will be just the right size to hold her. & I know that I will never be able to find all of the words to tell her just how much she means to me. My world is brighter. Things don’t seem so bad, even when situations get a bit heavy. I feel like a better person just having her in my life. She makes me want to do better, to strive to be a better person. She makes me want to grow & become the spiritual & household leader that I was made to be. I want to be these things for her. I want to give her the best, because she deserves it.

The point of this post, though, before is turned into a proclamation of my love for my Precious One, was meant to be an apology to my online friends who I’ve not been the best about communicating with lately, as I have been a bit preoccupied. I want you all to know – Elly, Eternally, Stooph, Momnboss & Vaq, DakotaDan (if any of you happen to see this) & all of the others on my various IM & email contact lists – that you all mean the world to me. I haven’t forgotten you or the friendship that you’ve given to me. We’ve shared a lot – walking down the singles road together; seeing friends come together to become more than “just friends”; cheered each other on through personal victories. We’ve been there for each other through good & bad; laughed & cried & prayed & then laughed again; lent a shoulder after the loss of loved ones & an ear to listen to the stories about the gaining of new loves. Even though I’ve never had the pleasure of being able to sit & chat over a cup of tea face to face with you all (quiet, Jess ;) ), it’s been an honor to get to know you over the ‘net.

It’s said that a warrior’s greatness is measured by the enemies he has, but that a man’s greatness is measured by the friends he keeps. If that’s the case, then I am one of the greatest men in the world – blessed in love & in friendship.
Changes...saved this time

Still a work in progress, but I'm slowly unlocking how this thing works.

Yay me...

Monday, August 25, 2003


As you can see, I figured out the fonts. Still a work in progress.

After typing this, I realized that I hit cancel instead of save. D'oh!

Font changes later.
Realjukebox Blues

I think my computer is in serious need of some maintenance, as well as some more memory. If I have another weekend with it like this past weekend, though, maintenance will be the least of the machine’s problems.

Lately, since I had to switch back to dialup, the computer’s been acting funny. Maybe it feels that dialup is beneath it, I don’t know. It seizes up really easy, resulting in many frustrating reboots of varying methods (the start menu, the reset button, my foot, etc.).

In addtion to the computers own problems, I recently decided to switch from Realjukebox over to WinAmp via a short dalliance with Musicmatch’s jukebox. I downloaded WinAmp & was pleased with the ease of use & the fact that it sounded better than RJB. The only problem was that it would crash if I tried to listen to it while online. & when I say crash, I mean crashing so bad that it refused to come back up until I rebooted the system. & when it did, all of the music files that I uploaded to it were wiped out. Musicmatch was just a pain to use. Not user-friendly in the least. So, I grudgingly went back to using RJB, which responded like a woman who had been wronged. It would play & then lock up the computer. It refused (& still does) to copy any songs on a disc beyond track 10 (& before any of you RIAA goons who may stumble across this site get any ideas, these were discs that I own & that aren’t going any further than my machine). All in all, very aggravating. So, like a man trying to make up for some marital indiscretion by buying flowers or jewelry, I set about removing the offending jukeboxes from the computer, trying to make RJB happy. This still resulted in many exchanges much like the following:

Me: * insert CD, choose tracks, record *
RJB: Track 1, Recording 10% complete, 50% complete, 100%, recorded
Me: Good
RJB: Track 7, Recording 10% complete, 50% complete, 100%, recorded
Me: Excellent
RJB: Track 15, Recording 1% complete…RJB can’t read your disc. Please make sure your settings are correct.
Me: Sigh... * clicks record again *
RJB: Track 15, Recording 1% complete…RJB can’t read your disc. Please make sure your settings are correct.
Me: Grrr…* clicks record again *
RJB: You think I’m going to record your disc after you ran around with that harlot WinAmp? You’ve got another thing coming.
Me: Grrrrrrrrrrrr…* clicks record again while trying to stifle back a few choice words *
RJB: Not to mention that tramp Musicmatch. Let’s see how you like this - * system locks up *
Me: ARRRRRRRGH!!! Dirty words!!! Dirty words!!!

Afterward, I’d turn off the machine & walk away. Then, as if I was being challenged, I’d run back, fire the computer up & try again. Which resulted again in the above exchange & the added bonus of me having a mini breakdown. Finally, RJB decided that I’d had enough & started to cooperate. I think I’m still going to be sleeping on the virtual couch for a bit, but RJB & I should be kissing & making up soon.

I just hope it doesn’t find out about Windows Media Player.

Sunday, August 24, 2003

Slowly but surely...

OK, I figured out how to italicize some of the font.

One small step for Jay...

Next up - changing the fonts.

* sigh * I need to get out more.

Monday, August 18, 2003

...& furthermore...

I'm sick of how this site looks. I reeeeally need to change it. If any of you that happen to stumble across here know anything about HTML & design & would like to get your good deed of the day taken care of by giving me a few pointers, ping me.
The Last Straw

Well, I've finally had it with "The Company." I've had it with working for idiots that couldn't manage their way out of a paper bag. I've had it with obnoxious co-workers. I've had it with crummy working conditions (8 months & I still can't get any paperclips). There are so many things. I' So, now, instead of looking simply for parttime work, I am going to focus on a new fulltime position. Preferably one that pays enough so that I won't have to find a second job. Something a bit more challenging that printing & marking up orders 5 times a day. ARRRRGH!!! I am so sick of this place. 8 years with the Company. I don't know that most of those years have been a waste. The other departments I worked in weren't too bad (although Office Services had its share of drama). But the warehouse is an absolute waste of my time. & I'm sick of it. I really hope that I don't get called in for a "chat" tomorrow because it's not likely to be very pretty. Hopefully I'll have calmed down by then, but they're still liable to get an earful. I just pray that God guide my words & hold my tongue.

I need to go to the cages & hit a few baseballs each one of them after a manager or picker or processor. Smack each one into oblivion. Grrrr...

*sigh* I can see the light at the end of the tunnel...I just can't get to the end of the tunnel fast enough.

Saturday, August 16, 2003


Now that I’ve gotten that out of my system, let me just say that my computer is about to be rebooted…right off of the balcony. I’ll spare you the details, but if this turns out to be my last entry, you’ll know why.

Other than a cranky computer, there’s not been a lot to report on. & when I say not a lot to report on, I mean abso-freakin’-lutely nothing (spell check is having a meltdown trying to figure that word out). No getting called into the principal’s office for little chats about my on the job enthusiasm (you try getting excited about dealing with mass stupidity for 8 hours). Nor any talks about how much I bring down morale (mission accomplished…hehehe). Apparently, it’s OK for me to have to walk on eggshells when co-workers PMS, but it’s not OK for me to try to ignore them when they chatter incessantly. Meh.

So, since I’m lacking any creativity right now, I’ll dig into the vaults & pull out a DVD review for your amusement & education. Enjoy!

Pulp Fiction & Enemy At The Gates

Minor spoilers…you have been warned.

Pulp Fiction

I was surprised at how much I liked Pulp Fiction, due in no small part to the fine acting skills of Mr. Mace Jackson. I still don't like John Travolta & was quite happy to see him bite it at the hands of Bruce Willis. Very well done, which would mean something to you if I'd seen it when it came out instead of 10 years later. Bite me.

Enemy At The Gates

Muy nifty flick. Nazis & snipers - what a great combination! I was torn as to whom to root for, since the Russians seemed to take out more of their own soldiers than the Nazis did. That & the fact that everybody talked with British accents, & we know that all truly eeeee-vil people in movies speak with British accents. My only gripe was the very misplaced sex scene. I'm watching a movie about snipers. If I were watching a porno, I wouldn’t want the action interrupted by a subplot involving 2 sharpshooters trying to take each out. Wait...that almost sounds like a porno plot. My point is I don’t want a porno interrupting the gunfire.

Ye Olde Ratings (1-10 Eyeballs)

Pulp Fiction - 7 Eyeballs

Enemy At the Gates - 7 Eyeballs

Sunday, August 10, 2003

Yucaipa Jay & The Refrigerator Of Doom

One of the things that has been on my to do list for a while now has been to tackle the science experiment that is my refrigerator. When the light from the back of the fridge can no longer be seen when you open the door – it’s a good indication that it’s time to clear a few things out.

The truly frightening thing about cleaning out ones refrigerator, aside from finding things that you can’t readily identify without extensive laboratory testing, is when you can remember putting the food in the fridge. When you can say “Oh yeah, I put that tuna sandwich in here in ‘85”, that’s scary. I’d really rather have no reference date as to when that black blob of organic matter started turning from a solid to a gel. Ignorance is bliss.

So far, here’s the body count:
1 bag of potatoes - still good
1 bag of carrots - still good
1 bag of semi solid apples - not so good
1 bag of gelatinous black goo that made a disgusting glurping sound when I moved it – disturbing
Another bag of potatoes – still good, amazingly
1 white onion – well, mostly white…there appears to be a small penicillin colony inhabiting it…bye bye
1 brown onion – still brown, in a good way…firm…I think it’s a keeper
Yet another bag of potatoes – still good…Cripes! I could feed a small third world nation with potatoes
1 half bag of carrots – still good…carrots apparently have a long shelf life
1 mystery bag – contents: 1 can of Vienna sausages (Score!)…1 bag of Funyuns (Double Score!)…1 baggie half filled with peanuts. The mystery bag is definitely a keeper.
More potatoes – still good…Good freakin’ grief – how long do these things last? & why do I have so many of them?
Another stinkin’ bag of potatoes – Ugh…I’ve discovered that potatoes are not immortal…into the can
Another mystery bag (I think they used to be apricots – the jury’s still out on that one) - refused to let go of the fridge shelf…after much struggling, I finally won.
Many remnants of bread loaves – Just the bread butts.
Various apples & peaches that the boy has collected from the fruit trees outside – they look like little "Crypt Keepers"...fertilizer
Container – contents: Exactly 1 seed. 1…seed. I don’t know what fruit it came from. Hmm, I sense a little experiment in the near future.
Container – long does butter stay good?
Container – OK, now I’m scared.
Container – I don’t want to know.
Container – AHHH!

I think that’s all I can handle for now. I don’t even want to think about the freezer. I think it may be a job for the EPA.

People wonder why I eat out so much.

Thursday, August 07, 2003

Happy Birthday, Baby...Here's looking to next year ;)

Now, on to our regularly scheduled post -

T4: Election Day

MSNBC Breaking News
Actor Arnold Schwarzenegger to run for California governor

Imagine my surprise when that little news bit showed up in my inbox. First Jesse Ventura. Now Arnie. Next – Carl Weathers? We’d have just about the whole cast of “Predator” in office. It would sure make politics fun again, though. The Senate could work out its differences with cage matches or paintball wars. Although, if Arnie is elected, I’m dreading his re-election campaign. I don’t know if I can handle a year of the following:

Announcer: “Governor Schwarzenegger has balanced the budget & cut the state’s deficit

(Cut to “Conan the Barbarian” clip)

He’s implemented tougher penalties for drug offenders.

(Cut to “Commando” clip)

He’s set higher standards in our schools.

(Cut to “Kindergarten Cop” clip)

All of this in his first few years in office. But, he still has much to accomplish.”

Arnie: “Vote foah me…(leans forward, left eye glowing red) & Ah’ll be back!”

Why do I keep hearing “It’s the end of the world as we know it…”?


The Fantasy Candidate List (partial credit to Tim & Kevin):
Webster – They’d need to fit the Governor’s chair with a booster seat, though
Chachi (Joanie Loves Chachi…but then, don’t we all?) – Chachi In Charge! Chachi in ‘03
Mr. T – Puttin’ the “T” back in California, foo’!
Gary Coleman – With Mr. D as his financial backer & Todd Bridges as his enforcer…er, I mean, campaign manager
Mindy Cohn – Mrs. Garrett would provide goodies
Tootie – Tootie in ‘10

My choice though?

Chi Chi Rodriguez – just to hear Peter Jennings say “Chi Chi” on national television.


This just in: apparently, Gary Coleman has expressed interest in running. As has Gallagher. Yes, that Gallagher.

“It’s the end of the world as we know it…”

Wednesday, August 06, 2003

Peace At Last

For the first time in a long time, I finally feel calm & at peace. I mean, money’s still tight, but I know it’ll get better soon. Other than that, things look bright. I can see more than just the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel. I can see what’s outside of the tunnel…& it’s all good. I feel the weight on my shoulders getting lighter. I don’t feel quite so burdened. There’s prospects for extra work, meaning that, while I won’t have a lot of free time, I also won’t have to get rid of my truck – at least not until I can afford another car. I wasn’t looking forward to getting rid of her. I really like being able to look over the tops of peoples cars & given that I am the road rage poster child, it’s nice to have a vehicle with a high intimidation factor.

The thing that’s really brightened my life, though, is having found the right person. Someone who I look forward to spending a lot of time with. She makes every day better. She cares for me. She loves me for who I am, not for what I have. She’s as excited every day to talk to me as I am to her. We both enjoy being able to end our respective days talking & griping & laughing with each other. I’ve not had this before. Before, my faults were brought out & constantly nitpicked. Granted, I don’t have many faults. If anything I’m just too modest.

Okay, you can stop laughing now. Really. OK…STOP IT!

Anyway, she loves me, warts & all. & I love her. She’s kind, caring & loving. She hasn’t shown me the slightest hint of selfishness (except that she won’t share me with anyone else. Sorry ladies…). She’s eager to come out here to be with me. She makes me want to give her all that I can. She makes me want to be a better person. Most of all, though, she makes me happy. I haven’t felt this good, this consistently, for so long now. I’ve had people that have made me smile or given me a temporary respite from my normal, cynical self. But with her I never want to go back to being like that. There’s a lyric from a Nirvana song (the chipper, upbeat, life affirming music that it is) that goes “I miss the comfort in being sad.” I used to live by that. I used to feel comfort in being down & feeling, well…sad. It was better than feeling nothing. But now, I’ve got a reason to smile when I wake in the morning. & a reason to go to sleep smiling. & to smile throughout the day. I don’t have a reason to be sad.

I thank the Good Lord Above every day & every night for her. Blessings have been bestowed upon me, & the best one has been her.