Tuesday, January 13, 2004


My work computer has officially been geekified. I found a few of my little Star Wars spaceships at home & brought them in to accentuate my monitor (also to give me something to play with when I get bored). They go nicely with the skull & crossbones that I fashioned out of packing peanuts.


Drat…I just found out that I missed the first episode of The Surreal Life. I’ve said before that I’m not a fan of “reality” television, mostly because it’s the most unrealistic thing on TV. When was the last time someone put me up in a plush loft with a cushy job & paid for everything? Hmm…lemme think. Never.

The Surreal Life’s appeal, for me, at least, is that the people on it were never “real” people to begin with. They’re actors & entertainers. They’re the closest things we have in the real world to comic book characters. They’re so outlandish; they live in a different plane of reality than the rest of us. The show doesn’t try to portray these people as average, everyday folk. Nope, it makes it plain that these are people whose 15 minutes of fame ended a long time ago & are being given an extra 30 seconds. And it’s all for my entertainment.


Dave Coullier, Crafton/Mentone, Jabootu & smothered burrito nutritional value.

What do these all have in common, you ask?

They are all recent Google referrals to MLCotW.

The smothered burrito search is far more comforting than the recent spate of searches for a “Good Guy Chucky doll” & a “’58 Plymouth Fury”, though.

‘Tis a weird, weird world we live in.