Wednesday, January 21, 2004

Hey Vern!

OK, all I had for dinner last night was some macaroni & cheese, so I don’t know if I can blame this dream on what I ate.

The dream started off with me going to what I can only describe as a family friendly burlesque house. It was like a combination theatre/Moulin Rouge. At one point, ushers came down the aisles. One of the ushers came up to me & informed me that there was a five drink minimum (!). I informed the man that I didn't drink, so he told me that I had to pay a $50 cover charge (apparently the drinks cost $10 a piece). I only had $37 in my pocket & gave this to the usher, who then tried to throw me out. I left the place & got into my car, driving it to a nearby car wash. I parked in one of the washing stalls to lay low for awhile & there, right before my eyes, was Ernest. Yes, that Ernest. We decided to wash my car & when the dryers went over the car, they hit Ernest in the face, causing his mouth to be blown wide open & comedy ensued. Amazingly, though, his hat did not come off. We laughed & then drove off.

So, if I were to interpret this dream, I'd say that it was definitely not a God sent, prophetic dream. It may well be that the macaroni had probably gone bad.