Wednesday, June 09, 2004

Silly Rabbit

OK, I don't want to go & use all of my best material so quickly, but I got nothin' else right now. And after yesterday's hissy fittin' about space invaders, I feel the need to cleanse the blogging palette.

So, here you go.

Dear Trix Rabbit,
Hi. How are you? I am fine. I like your commur...comer...your TV ads for your cereal. My mommy won't let me eat your cereal because she says it makes me hyper. I ate some at my friends house once and it made my poo turn green. Mommy thought I ate the toilet tablets again. It was funny.

Why do those kids never let you have Trix? It is your cereal. It has your name on it. My underwear has my name on it. Mommy says to always wear clean underwear. I wear a helmet too. Mommy calls it my magic crown and tells me that I am special and I have to wear it. My mommy loves me.

Do you know Lucky from Lucky Charms? Are the kids that try to steal his cereal the same ones that won't let you have Trix? Daddy says the little twits should buy their own cereal. Daddy doesn't move much after he has his "special drink." Usually he likes about 7 of his special drinks. He makes funny sounds when he's asleep. I laugh at them.

Your friend,
Johnny Doe