Monday, June 21, 2004

Celebrating one year of blahdity blah blahing

Three hundred sixty-five days, two hundred eight posts & three different color schemes have passed.

Happy Blogiversary, MLCotW!

Here's a cookie with a candle on it in your honor.

I was looking back through the posts over the past year. Some were good.'s my first year doing this - cut me a little slack, m'kay?

In looking back, though, I can trace the beginnings of my relationship with T & see how my love for her has grown deeper & deeper. I can see some of the events that had happened over the last year, both personal & things that we, as bloggers, shared as a community & a nation & a world as a whole.

I can see that I either need to take a sedative before I drive or that people really need to get out of my way to avoid my road rage.

I can see that I really need to get out more sometimes.

So, in between getting out more, trying to relax more while driving & continuing to nurture my marriage to T, I’ll keep cranking out witty, informative & sometimes thought provoking posts.

Well, at least the witty ones.