Friday, June 25, 2004

Fun Things To Do In Vegas

Since Jay is in Las Vegas...I thought I would give a list of fun things to do in Sin City.

1. Go to Bonnie Springs- there is a free petting zoo (kids love it and do animal lovers and young at heart...I had a deer fall in love with me and follow me around). There is also a fairly cheap old western town recreation. There are gunfights in the street and an old fashion (yet hokey enough to not be too scary) hanging. It is great fun.

2. If you have the extra dough- I highly suggest checking out one (if not both) of the art museums in the casinos. There is the Bellagio Gallery of Fine Art and the Guggenheim Hermitiage (located in the Venetian). They have different exibits every time I go.

3. Another must stop at the Venetian? Madame Tussaud's wax museum. They are SO realistic looking it is amazing. It is truly an odd experience. They let you get right up to them so that you can touch them and stuff. Amazing!

4. A must stop at the Bellagio is The Conservatory. It is free. And changes with the season/holiday. I loved the 2003 Fall display. And the 2004 spring display was great. Caution- there are LOTS of if you have allergies...take claritin or something first :)

5. If you have the time and the fundage you may wish to take a trip to the observation deck of the Stratosphere. Even though I am afraid of heights- I am not as afraid up there for some reason. The view is breathtaking both day and night.

6. Another free fun thing is to catch the impressive watershow at the Bellagio fountatins. They are incredible. And there are different shows- all fountain shows are set to music- and the water seems to dance along with the music. A must see.

7. The Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is off the strip but has two of my favorite restaurants: The Pink Taco and Mr. Lucky's 24/7. The Pink Taco has great ambiance and wonderful twists on traditional mexican faire. Mr. Lucky's 24/7 has a little bit of everything (they have a killer personal pepperoni pizza) and the best thing about them, is, as their name entails...they are open 24/7 so there is always a cool place to go eat.

8. The MGM Grand has a free lion habitat is always fun to go see the lions. I always stop by and take a gander.

9. The Mirage has a free white tiger habitat where you can get a look at the gorgeous beasts for free. Also at the Mirage is the Secret Garden and Dolphin Habitat. While not free I absolutely LOVED it both times I went. The Dolphin Habitat is my favorite part- but the Garden Zoo habitat was fun too. :)

10. If you like aquariums, there is the Mandalay Bay Shark Reef. My favorite part here is the park where you feel like you are under water with them. But the shark reef isn't just sharks and fish. There are also other kinds of aquatic animals including alligators. It was fun. I haven't seen the knew hammerhead shark exhibit...but I would like to.

11. I always like to go to Red Rock Canyon while I am is a nice place to hike. Watch out for the wild burros...they will come right up to your car or person and they can bite!

12. For the chocolate lover there isEthel M's Chocolate factory. They have free tours of both the chocolate factory (with a free sample at the end !) and the Cactus Garden on the grounds of the chocolate factory. I highly suggest visiting the cactus gardens in winter when they are decorated with tons of christmas lights. It is something to see!

Well that is but a few of my favorite things to do while I am in Las Vegas. I am sure there are more....but they are escaping me right now. I have always wanted to go see Wayne Newton...but have never been able to fit it in yet.... I hope Jay is having fun...who knows...maybe he is seeing Mr. Las Vegas (wayne newton) right now!!!!

Posted By: Amy