Thursday, June 03, 2004

Ho hum...

I got news last week that the Amazing Shark Boy is leaving The Company. We met when he started working here about seven years ago. He left for awhile & then came back & we ended up in the same department again for a time.

I'm a bit bummed. I mean, he, Kevin & I will still probably get together from time to time for lunch, but sending out deranged fan letters & twisted news stories will be a little difficult (don't worry, ETS - I still have plenty of fan letters to use & a few in the works).

I hate it when others leave. Another person from my department's leaving this month. It's not a big deal. In fact, there are quite a few people here that I'd love to see go. I just hate still sitting here while others that I like (or can at least tolerate) are moving on to, I'm assuming, greener pastures. It's not sour grapes, either.

I guess it's just a touch of wanderlust. I've been at The Company for nearly nine years. It's had its ups & downs (the past year being a definite down). It's not the worst job that one could have (rectal thermometer quality assurance tester, anyone?). I'm just bored. I don't even know what, if given the choice, I'd like to do.