Friday, March 26, 2004

Today's the day!

Note: I was going to post this last night, but we got home late. Better late than never.

In a couple hours (it's around 940a right now), T will be getting on a plane & heading out here. So, what better way to make the day even longer than it's already going to be than to document it?

6a - I've got an hour to do some things around the homestead before I have to get moving for work. It seems that my theory on making time go faster by procrastinating has worked...a little too well. I think I may have waited a little too long to get the place straightened up.

Methinks I need to finesse this theory a wee bit.

8a - T-minus twelve & a half hours. *sigh*

948a - Time has ceased to move. I think I may have broken time by putting my procrastination theory into practice.

951a - OK, time is moving, but veeeeeery sllllooooooowllllly.

952a - See what I mean?

1030a - I think I'll go occupy myself at the scanner. Nothing says "timekiller" like scanning documents into the system.

1105a - T called. She's at the terminal waiting to board. "I'll see you tonight" is the best thing I've heard so far today.

1121a - Done with scanning for a bit. Lunch is coming up...& I've got a crapload of running around to do.

1130a - Lunch!

1230p - Back from lunch. Most of it was taken up trying to get a key cut while the person at the mailboxes & stuff store prepared a package & let a little boy help her out. Now, I like kids & all & I enjoy letting them help out on things, but when it's holding up other people...grrrr!

On a much more serious note, Carl's Jr. has stopped offering the Ranch Bacon Cheeseburger. I now officially have no reason to go back there. Except for the Crisscut Fries. And the Superstar (when I have $4 to spend on a cheeseburger). OK, I might go back.

Just not as often.

148p - Just under seven hours until she gets here.

256p - I just fashioned a bow & arrow out of two paperclips, a rubberband (a #14, for its strength, size & elasticity) & some scotch tape. And it worked! I am the weaponsmith of the Warehouse!!! Next up: a nuke made from old Skittles, the glue off the back of a Post-It note & a thumbtack.

257p - In case you hadn't noticed, I'm bored. And I get destructive when I get bored. For the sake of my coworkers, I hope time starts moving a bit faster.

403p - Just over four & a half hours. Arrrgh! Hurry up, clock! Move it! Move it! Move it!

428p - I just heard news of a controlled fire that has now become an out of control fire up near Big Bear. They've started evacuating the area. Y'know, the last time T was out here was just after the Old/Grand Prix fires.

Coincidence? Hmmm...

5p - I'm outta here! Going to get the car washed & grab a paper for while I'm waiting. Hopefully the trafic won't be too bad getting to the airport.

6ish - After a pitstop to grab a taco & only one trip around the parking lot (as opposed to the three times it took in November, I'm at the airport.

The wait begins.

615p - Oh joy. Two little kids are deciding to use the terminal as their playground. And, in typical fashion, the parents are doing the usual "Bobby, don't do that" & "Suzie, stop doing that" routine. Oh yeah, the kids are going to listen to that. Peh.

645p - I've finished the paper. Not a lot going on locally, except that it is rattlesnake season. If you get bitten, get away from the snake, stay calm & seek medical aid. Do not apply a tourniquet, try sucking out the poison or amputate the bitten limb. Do not jump up & down like a crazy person.

This PSA brought to you by MLCotW.

724p - I've finished the crossword puzzle.

Hey, I'm impressed.

I've also found out that T's flight is running ten minutes early. Yay!

758p - Twentynine minutes to go!

810p - Another family, this time with three kids (two younger & one early teen) that are all screwing around. And, of course, the parents aren't doing squat. Then they wonder why their kid's are on the six o'clock news being chased by to police.

815p - I've staked out a place right where I can see her when she gets to the stairs. The aforementioned monsters keep playing by the sliding door, causing it to open & shut. Grrr!

825p - Two. More. Minutes.

827p - baby has landed!

845ish - She comes on down the stairs, as beautiful as the last time I saw her (which, coincidentally, was as she went up that same escalator to head back to Arkansas). I've missed her so much. She's in my arms again, weary from the trip, but, she's here.

And I am complete again...