Thursday, March 18, 2004

I tried to warn her, but would she listen?

Irene is a crafty type person. She decorates cakes, sews, scraps & all that kind of stuff. Her latest endeavor, however, has me concerned.

She's making clowns. More to the point - clown dolls.

I fear for her safety. If I have learned only one thing in my relatively short time on this planet it's that clowns are evil. Pure, unadulterated, eee-vil. And clown dolls? I do not dare to even mention the level of inky, black, dark evil that they represent. People, they exist for one purpose & one purpose only - TO EAT YOUR SOUL!!!

I keep telling her that she's playing with fire, but she's choosing to not heed my warnings. Even her husband can feel their eyeless faces looking at him as he walks past (she hasn't applied the eyes yet). She said that she thought she had twelve made, but must've only made eleven. I know where the "missing" twelfth doll is - it's hiding under the bed with a big butcher knife, just waiting for the right moment to strike & EAT HER SOUL!!!

Nobody will believe me until Irene goes missing for a few weeks. The only thing that the police will find will be a little clown doll that looks exactly like her. Then they'll believe me! They'll see! THEY'LL SEE!!!


Clowns are evil.