Monday, February 16, 2004


So, yesterday, The Boy & I decided to go to the high school, shoot some hoops & make a few rounds of the track. Well, the hills behind the school have been calling to me lately. Calling me to climb them & romp & frolic amongst the weeds. I finally gave in.

After we had done the aforementioned hoop shooting & rounding of the track, we decided to try to climb to one of the trails on the hill. That was easier said than done, especially since we had a basketball & his bike. We walked around the school & finally found a trail going up to the field behind the FFA area. The adventurer in me took charge & I trudged up the narrow trail with The Boys bike pushing through the weeds that reached across the path. Unfortunately, for The Boy, when I would push through the weeds, they would whip behind me & hit him in the face.

We reached a clearing at the top of the path, behind the new houses, & found that if we were going to get to the trail above, we'd have to leave the bike & ball & jump a shallow drainage ditch. I didn't want to leave the things, so we headed back down the trail. The Boy got on his bike & started coasting down.

Now, I used to do this stuff all the time. Before "extreme mountainbiking" was a fad, my best frind & I were hauling our bikes up the sides of hills & careening back down, trying not do kill ourselves. No helmets. No pads. It's a wonder I'm alive today. The Boy, on the other hand, had never done this before.

Before I knew it, he was flying down the trail & all I could hear was his saying "Ohshootohshootohshoot!" as he rode into one of the scrub bushes. When I got to him I couldn't stop laughing. He was alright, having managed to get off the bike without crashing. He had taken out one of the bushes & had a bunch of twigs & sticks stuck in his spokes, but he was none the worse for his harrowing experience.

The Boy's going to have so much to tell his therapist about one day.