Thursday, February 26, 2004

Lists - Because I like 'em

I'm bored & am listening to the same "classic" rock songs over & over again (you'd think that the only people who released albums in the 70's were Elton John, Lynyrd Skynyrd & Yes), so, I decided to make the best of both & come up with the

"MLCotW 10 Classic Rock Songs I Could Live Without Hearing (at least for awhile) List"

Here they are, in rough order, with suggested replacement songs:

10. Dream On, Aerosmith - Go ahead, label me a heretic. But I am so tired of this one. Don't get me wrong - it's a great song, a true classic. But, it's not the only Aerosmith song available. Almost any of their other "popular" songs are every bit as good, as well as a great many of the ones that never get any radioplay.
Replace with: Sick As A Dog, Lick & A Promise, Draw The Line or Chip Away The Stone

9. Roundabout, Yes - I'll admit, I've never been a huge fan of Yes. Not that they're horrible or anything (90215 is one of my favorite 80's albums). They just didn't do much for me, is all. But Roundabout has been played waaaay too many times. Give it a breather, Clear Channel. Maybe I'll be able to appreciate it a bit more when I haven't had to hear it ninety bajillion times.
Replace with: Owner Of A Lonely Heart or Changes

8. Renegade, Styx - I was a huge Styx fan growing up. My friend had almost all of their records & we'd listen to them nonstop. I still like them. But Renegade was one of my least favorite songs from one of my least favorite Styx records, Pieces Of Eight. It's not a horrible song. I mean, it does have a certain amount of good, crunchy rock to it. But, there are quite a few better songs in their library.
Replace with: The Best Of Times, Half Penny, Two Penny or Mademoiselle

7. Hollywood Nights, Bob Seger - Once upon a time, in, oh say, 1985, one of the local rock stations played what they called the Firecracker 400 on the Fourth of July weekend. This was comprised only of American rock artists. Bob Seger was played at least every third song. I quickly grew tired of Mr. Seger & have never really gotten over it. He's not bad, per se, but, I dunno...he's kind of like a plain hamburger - filling, but lacking that pizazz that only mustard & cheese bring. Hollywood Nights was one of my least favorite Bob Seger songs to begin with & the Seger saturation that I endured that summer weekend so many years ago didn't help its standing any.
Replace with: I dunno. I'm still not over being sick of him, so I can't think of a good replacement.

6. Sympathy For The Devil, The Rolling Stones - AKA The Woodsy the Owl Song. Not the worst song from their catalog, but the "woo hoo, woo hoo, etc." that goes on & on & on at the end of the song makes me want to drive ice picks into my ears.
Replace with: Respectable or Dance, Little Sister

5. Edge Of Seventeen, Stevie Nicks - I have never, from the first time I heard this song, liked it. I can't even figure out the words: "Just like the one winged dove/Sings a song/Sounds like she's singin'/Who, baby, who, said who?"


Does being an eclectic, New Age-y, witchy looking singer give one license to make songs that make no sense? Apparently it does.
Replace with: Fleetwood Mac's Sara, Hold Me or Tusk

4. Black Magic Woman, Santana - C'mon...did the guy only record two songs during all of the 70's? Besides, he's not the greatest guitar player I've ever heard. The popularity of Santana is kind of lost on me, I guess.
Replace with: Dead air

3. Blinded By The Light, Manfred Mann - Words fail to describe just how sick of this song I am. It's played at least once every three hours on the local station. I was sick of this song twenty years ago & I'm sick of it now.
Replace with: Static

2. Oye Como Va, Santana - Making their second appearance on the list. This song needs to be permanently retired. Really. Please. I am so sick of this song. Make it stop...
Replace with: Commercials

1. Crocodile Rock, Elton John - This, Loyal Readers, has got to be one of the most annoying songs ever unleashed upon the human race (right there next to that rendition of Jingle Bells sung by dogs that they always play around Christmas). Why radio stations insist upon playing it still is beyond me. Why I loved it when I was four years old, well...I was four, fer cryin' out loud!
Replace with: Almost anything by almost anyone!