Wednesday, November 26, 2003

Three minds, eight hours & email

Tim, Kevin & I get bored. Really bored. And what happens when we get bored? We write letters to celebrities in each others name (well, mostly Tim's). Yes, we probably need to get out more.

Or be locked up.

Anyway, since I still have nothing to write & have yet to get a sandwich (I keep getting sucked into other blogs), here's a sample of some of our letters. OK, one for now.


ABC Television
Programming Department
Los Angeles, CA

To Whom It May Concern –
This letter is a petition requesting that you bring back my favorite show, “Full House”, to your TGIF line-up. As a long time fan of the show, I was greatly saddened by the cancellation of it 7 years ago. All I have had to remind me of what was, in my humble opinion, Television’s 2nd Golden Age (the first being the timeframe that included Silver Spoons, Joanie Loves Chachi & Punky Brewster) are my VHS recordings of almost every episode of Full House (my parents used my tape of the third season to record my brother’s birth), episodes of “Out of Control”, a Canadian kids show starring Dave Coullier & numerous Olsen Twins videos. Since then, only the Olsen Twins have had another show on your network. & it failed. Do you know why?

It was lacking the comedic one-two punch of Dave Coullier & Bob Saget.

How could you not see that they were the backbone of “Full House”? Without them, the show would never have reached the height of popularity that it did. John Stamos was a hack. The Olsen’s; the girl who played Steph; the ugly sister – they’d all be still doing Burger King commercials if it weren’t for Coullier & Saget.

You must bring back this comedy powerhouse if you want your network to thrive once again. Bring back “Full House.” Make it “Full House: The College Years”, following the adventures of Steph & the ugly sister as they go to the local community college, allowing for plenty of interaction with Coullier & Saget. Or “Full House: Voyager” where the family gets lost after going through a time/space portal & has to find their way back. I don’t care – just bring back Coullier & Saget.

Below, please find the signatures of others who feel as I do. The masses have spoken – are you listening, ABC?


Tim Aguirre

Petition to bring back “Full House”

Tim Aguirre

Timothy Aguirre

Timothy Alan Aguirre

Alan Aguirre

T. Aguirre

A. Aguirre