Friday, November 21, 2003

California Visit

Here’s the rundown of T’s trip out to the left coast. Better late than never. Enjoy, loyal readers!

Saturday, 11/8/03

After running around like a chicken with it’s head cut off trying to straighten up Casa de Jota, the big day finally arrived. The Boy & I went to the airport & proceeded to circle the parking lot about 4 or 5 times. You see, I needed to park in the lot for Terminal 4. Not a difficult request. After all, there were signs pointing the way & I could see the terminal. Should be easy, right?


Apparently, the opening for the lot for Terminal 2 was fitted with a tractor beam that was locked on to my truck, because for some reason, every time I got close to the Terminal 2 lot, I was sucked in. I kept trying to pass it, but would end up in the lot anyway. The scene in “European Vacation” where Chevy Chase & his family get stuck going in circles around downtown London (“Look kids! Parliament! Big Ben!”) kept flashing through my mind. I finally made a concentrated effort to pass Terminal 2 & when I finally did, there was much rejoicing (Yay!).

We went into the terminal & staked our little piece of real estate, waiting for T to come down the stairs. The Boy asked me what color her hair was & then proceeded to ask me “Is that her?” every time a brunette came down the escalator. Seeing her finally come on down the stairs was the best thing I’d seen in a long time. She was just as beautiful as she was when I left Arkansas.

We headed on up to the high desert area to go to my sister’s house. Unfortunately, because of the fires, everything was extra crispy going up the hill. Finally, after a long & ill planned trip through Summit Valley (not a route recommended for those who get motion sickness), we finally made it to my sister’s. On the way back home, we found some Joshua Trees & T wanted some pictures of them, as she had never seen one before (they don’t grow anywhere except the Mojave Desert & Israel). She was exhausted from a long day & a long flight, but we were just happy to be together again.

Sunday, 11/9/03

The next day it was church, the batting cages & out to my mom’s for lunch. The cages are where the Boy & I like to go & it’s a good place to vent your frustrations & aggressions. Just name each ball after whatever (or whoever) may be giving you grief. It’s very therapeutic. We dropped the Boy off at the ex’s & headed out to Mom’s.

We were going to pick the Boy up after lunch (which really turned out to be an early dinner) & have a movie night. I knew he was excited about it, as he really took a liking to T (I had to fight for my spot next to T. Every time I moved, he’d jump in & take my spot.). We got to the ex’s house to pick him up & ran into a snag. We ended up being an hour late getting there & she decided that she was “concerned” about him getting home too late. He was going to have to be up early to go to work with his uncle (he didn’t have school that Monday) & she thought it would be too hard to get him up in the morning. Now, keep in mind, this is the same person who, on the previous Thursday night, was supposed to call around 7:30 to see if the Boy wanted to stay with her, but didn’t because she “couldn’t find a phone” supposedly, & picked him up at 10:00, long after he’d gone to sleep. And he had school the next day! This is also the same person who, I guarantee you, will be late for her own funeral.

Anyway, I was understandably torqued. But T helped to calm things down. We rented a movie & had a nice, quiet evening together. Later, the ex called & we arranged for me to have the Boy the next night.

Monday, 11/10/03

Monday rolled around, & I haven’t dreaded a day like that since I left Arkansas a month earlier. We had lunch up in Oak Glen & then stopped by work to meet a few people. They were all quite impressed & liked T instantly. That evening, we picked up the Boy & a copy of Finding Nemo & had a family movie night, along with a couple of his friends. The Boy then went back to the ex & we again had the evening to ourselves.

I tried as hard as I could to make time stand still, but alas, was unable to do so. All day, I’d been in a mood, trying not to think about her leaving the next morning. It felt like she’d just gotten there & now she had to go. I was not looking forward to the empty feeling that was going to be left after she went back.

Tuesday, 11/11/03

I took her down to the airport & was not a happy camper. I tried to be a little upbeat & think positive & remember what a good time we’d had, but it just wasn’t working. I watched her go back up the stairs that just three days earlier I’d seen her come down. I watched her go through the security maze & waited until I couldn’t see her anymore. Then I made my way back to the truck to head on home. The whole way, I kept hoping to get a call from her saying that the flight was delayed or cancelled or, better yet, that she was going to stay. She did finally call, just before she boarded the plane. She told me later that she was the last person on the plane because she sat in the terminal contemplating staying. But, she knew she had things to take care of back in Arkansas. Lousy time for her rational side to show up.

It was a long day & I was in a crummy mood. I’d warned everyone that I wouldn’t be a pleasant person to be around that day. When I got home, it was quiet. Something was missing. She was missing. The feeling of completeness that I feel when I'm with her was missing. I just sat there, alone in the quiet. The whole place felt empty.

Fast forward to today

I miss her. I can't get over how much I miss her. But, as she pointed out last night, we only have something like 25 weeks left. *sigh* That only sounds a little better than 5 1/2 months. But, I know it'll be here quickly. And I know she loves me & I love her. I'm just an impatient person & am eager to get our life together started. I'd marry her tomorrow if I could.