Saturday, October 30, 2004

Everything I Needed To Know About Life I Learned At Yesterday's Meeting

Yesterday, at our biweekly office meeting, The Boss had us do a teamwork exercise. In this exercise, we were required to pass two pens around in a circle of nine people.

Sounds simple so far, right?

Well, the catch was that there was one 'facilitator', & the facilitator was the only one that could confirm whether or not the pens could be passed to the next person. The object was to get the pens all the way around the cirle & back to the facilitator. Chaos ensued as people would forget what to do or get confused & freeze up altogether. This was supposed to show how to work as a team.

What did it show me?

That I don't play well with others.

I kept wanting to grab the pens & hand them to the facilitator myself. After I beat The Boss with the pens. The whole method was inefficient & it drove me nuts.

I'm betting this is why I never cared for team sports.