Thursday, October 14, 2004

The 33rd Annual Jayfest

Continuing in the grand tradition of the 32nd Annual Jayfest, this one was celebrated with cool gifts & mucho yummy eats.

The haul:
Birthday greetings from Dave Coulier, John Stamos & an Olsen Twin (Bob Saget was a no-show...slacker!)
The Dark Knight Returns graphic novel
London Calling, the Legacy Edition from The Clash
A shirt & pullover
Some denero
Heart of the Wild by John Eldredge
The Star Wars DVD set, widescreen (natch)
A scrumptious dinner & dessert, made from scratch by my wonderful wife
My son wanting to be with me on my night
Rousing renditions of 'Happy Birthday' sung by my coworkers, my mom, T, her parents & The Boy's friends

All in all, a very good day.

Here's looking to the 34th Annual Jayfest.

Hope to see you there.