Wednesday, December 31, 2003

2003 - Yes, it's another "year in review" post...get over it

I'm sure those of you who frequent blog sites have read through many a 2003 retrospective, some interesting, some, well...maybe not so interesting. Anyway, good or bad, I'm going to toss my entry into the mix.

The year started out with changes & new frontiers. I was a month into being single & starting to feel like myself again. I'd just gone through two years of beating a dead horse & trying to please someone else who apparently didn't have any intention to make the relationship go beyond where it was. When things finally ended, it was a great relief, believe me.

I also started in a new (my current) position at the Company. I wasn't too thrilled about being moved to the warehouse, mostly because of the fact that I'd have to be working with, or at least in close proximity to, Evil T, my arch nemesis. But, I decided that I'd do my best here & try to get all the knowledge that I could from the job. That took about a month. I've been bored silly ever since.

The next few months were pretty uneventful - that is, until I met T. I had no idea how much my life was going to change when I first contacted her. I never would've guessed that I was talking to the woman that would be my wife a year later - that I had found someone who would bring me so much joy & happiness. I love you, Babe. Thanks for being the high point of my year, for wanting to be the high point of my life :)

There was the trip to see T & her trip out here, both very good things. There was having to let go of my beloved truck & the acquiring of the new Jaymobile. Financial headaches. Many events, both good & not so good, but for the most part, a quiet year.

I've made some new friends & acquaintances (through work, this site & life in general) this year. The play that is my life has a very small stage & a very small cast of characters. I added quite a few new players, though. All of you, including the readers who frequent this little corner of the web, have made this a great year, & I thank you.

So, after that little look back, let's look to the future & see what '04 holds in store for us.

Here's to a happy & blessed New Year!