Thursday, September 04, 2003

From the mouths of babes…

Well, it seems that the jig is up. A couple days ago, T (aka my Baby :) ) called while the Boy was home. He asked who I was talking to & I told him it was a friend (I haven’t told him about T yet. The ending [both times] of my last relationship was hard on him. He didn’t understand why we couldn’t go see the ex-gf & I couldn’t find the right way to explain it to him.). He didn’t buy it this time. As we were getting his school bag together, he said “I think you have a girlfriend.” I asked him what made him think that. That’s when he clammed up. He said that he couldn’t tell me because he’d get in trouble from his mom for telling. I hate it when she puts pressure on him by making him keep secrets. It’s too hard on him. He wants to be loyal to the both of us & doesn’t want to betray any trust that we put in him.

So, only after I promised that I wouldn’t say anything to the ex, he told me that his mom figured that I was probably seeing someone. So, I promised him that the next time he was with me I’d tell him all about T & I. Which will be good. I want to be able to share this wonderful blessing that I have with him, even though she’s a few hundred miles away.

Besides, later on down the road he’ll probably start wondering who this woman is that's always at our place. Better to tell him now than later.