Monday, August 22, 2005

Delurker Post

OK, so, I've noticed, from time to time, that other sites have an occasional "Delurker Day." I've yet to figure out if this is really a specific day of the week in the Blogiverse or if it's just a random day or what.

Obviously, I spend too much time pondering these things.

I've also noticed, as of late, an increase in direct hits (as opposed to people who stumble in here Googling for information on O'Brien's Beef Sticks or Good Guy Chucky dolls), & to be honest, I'm kind of surprised, given the recent paucity of posts that I've penned. I noticed an upswing after The A Files, Walking Stick & Elwyn's Imagination all added me to their sidebars (Thanks Amy, Andy & Elly!). And I know when my regular Loyal Readers Check in (Hi Amy, ETS, Elly, again &, yes, you, too, Mom!)

But, I'm just curious as to who else has been checking in on my l'il ol' site. So, if you'd be so kind, drop a comment in the squawk box below. Go on! It won't hurt. This is for nothing more than my own curiosity. Well, & a chance to say "Hi!" & "Thanks for stopping by."