Monday, August 22, 2005

Like Moths To A Flame

In an attempt to save electricity during the Great Power Shortage of Aught-Two, the Company installed motion detector light switches so that people wouldn't be leaving their office lights on all the time, which is all good & well. The bad thing about the switches is that the sensor has a very narrow range. So much so that when I sit at my desk, the light frequently goes out because I'm not moving around or anything. This isn't necessarily a bad thing, as the dark gives the office a little ambience.

Now, I can usually sit still enough while working so as not to trigger the sensor. Inevitably - & I mean WITH OUT FAIL - the light goes off & someone will feel that it's necessary to poke their head into the office to see if anyone's in here. Not to discuss something. Not to hand a problem off to me. Not even to get a piece of candy.

It's just to see if anyone's in here.

It's like the light goes off & it triggers this primal instinct to look in here.

Makes me wish I had a cattle prod to pop 'em on the nose with.