Friday, March 04, 2005

My G-g-g-generation

T & I have been meaning to get more involved with our church in an attempt to not only do more with the church, but to also meet others & create (hopefully) friendships.. We've gone to an open house kinda thing. I counted visitors to the Halloween shindig last year. We've (well, I for now, as T's work schedule keeps getting in the way) started going to a Wednesday night Bible study. The only problem with all of this so far?

We inevitably end up being the youngest people in the group.

At the open house lunch thingie, we ended up sitting with a group of seniors, which, in & of itself isn't bad. But, being oldsters, they tend to like to talk. And talk. And talk some more. At the Halloween event, I was stationed at the gate with a woman who was probably in her fifties. And the Bible study? I'm the youngest one there by about thirty to forty years.

I told T the other day that I'd like to have friends come over for dinner, but at the rate we're going, the people we're meeting run the risk of having a heart attack on the way up the stairs to our apartment.