Saturday, September 16, 2006

OK, Allow Me To Explain

A little history behind the previous post.

I had some time to kill yesterday morning, so I stopped by the local Starbucks (& by local, I mean one of the 40 trillion located in a two mile radius of my office) & purchased a pumpkin spice latte (yes, I said 'pumpkin spice latte'; do you have something to say about it? I didn't think so). The drone behind the couter asked me if I wanted an extra shot, which I readily accepted.

The rest of my morning was a sucky blur of growling, yelling, banging on things & death threats, directed at everything from co-workers to customers to the air conditioner vent.

Now that my mind has cleared a little, I've been trying to figure out what triggered my Hulk-like transformation, since the Starbucks that I went to was located nowhere near a Maul-Mart. I've narrowed it down to the following possibilities:

1) I need to find a happy espresso level medium:

One shot = higher than usual prickliness, Fuzzy Brain Syndrome, Sarlacc-with-a-toothache level crankiness

Four shots = uncontrollable shaking, speed talking, swatting at imaginary flying elves, time/space displacement, waking up naked in the supply cabinet

2) Starbucks gave me a shot of Grumpy Juice instead of the stimulant that I wanted

3) The day just sucked in general

I'll let you know when I figure out which one.