Tuesday, September 12, 2006

My Name Is Jay. I Am Athletically Challenged

Last night, T & I were watching Jeopardy! (No, I'm not excited about watching the show. That's just the way they spell it. Yes, with the '!'). It's a well known fact that I'm a vault of completely worthless information, making Jeopardy! my game. That is, until they break out the sports categories. Which is just what they did last night.

One of the categories was something like 'Famous Football Coaches'. Being a complete retard when it comes to sports trivia, the only name I could think of was Bear Bryant, which I used as a response to every answer in the category. And have since used as my 'go to' answer for every answer Jeopardy! & puzzle on Wheel of Fortune that I haven't known.

My wife now hates me.