Thursday, September 21, 2006

It's In The Air

I noticed something this morning as I walked out to the car, but couldn't quite put my finger on what it was exactly. There was something different. The atmosphere just seemed to have changed. Then, as I was driving in to work, it hit me -

Fall is just a couple days away!

Why is that cause for rejoicing? Well, just look at all the nifty schtuff to look forward to:

Cooler days (around about November, at least) & crisp, clear nights

The turning of the leaves

Dusk comes earlier

A couple of birthdays (hmm...I wonder whose?)

Comfy pants

Fresh apple pies & cinnamon apples (far better than cinnamon chili)

Lunch up at Oak Glen on a cool day (& more apple pie!)

The opening of my beloved Pumpkin Patch at Live Oak

Ghost stories by lantern light

Scary movies all through October on AMC

The Sleepy Hollow dance at Riley's Farm

Daylight Savings Time ends (ahh! I loves me my extra hour of sleep!)


Just look at all those things! Is it not the most wonderful time of the year?

Join me in doing the 'Yay, Autumn's Here' dance - c'mon, you know how!