Sunday, May 14, 2006

Spring Cleaning

Searching for something else to do at work the other day (my hand was cramping from playing with the Schlumberger *hee hee!*), I decided to do my semi-annual desk cleaning. Since I work in a warehouse, things tend to get a little dusty. As I was evicting dust bunnies from behind my monitor, I started to do an inventory of my desk area.

Here's what I found:

A rubber band
2 Clone Trooper action figures
A bottle of Purell hand sanitizer
More dust
1 small sticky pad
About a fifth of another small sticky pad
About a tenth of a large sticky pad
A note from T written on a small sticky
My sunglasses
A bottle of contact lens cleaner
Some more dust
The Schlumberger *snort*
3 more rubber bands (for shooting at my cellmates)
A picture of T & I
A picture of The Boy
A Darth Vader alarm clock
A Spider-Man clock
A rubber spider on top of the Spider-Man clock
A rubber fish
2 spaceships made out of binder clips
Several pieces of the binder clips that didn't make it into my spaceship production
A paper airplane
The Millennium Falcon, an X-wing & a TIE Fighter (Micro Machines)
A thumbtack
Hmm...dust. Imagine that.
2 coffee cups (1 with pens, 1 with candy)
My laser scanner/death ray
Work crap (stamps, labels, papers that I stuffed into cubbyholes & promptly forgot about, etc.)
Paper clips (also handy for throwing at cellmates)

And that's just on my desk. And not even everything on my desk at that.

Above the desk:

A stuffed Snoopy from T
A Star Wars calendar
A picture of a Wookiee
A He-Man & Skeletor cake topper
More frickin' dust
A C-3PO action figure
An R2-D2 action figure (wouldn't want 3PO to get lonely)
A Christmas ornament of Chewbacca with C-3PO on his back from 'The Empire Strikes Back'
Still more rubber bands
The 'Hollywood Geek-Out' picture
A Darth Vader action figure (with lightsaber swinging action!)
2 Imperial Star Destroyers
An AT-AT & a snowspeeder (Micro Machines again)
Another Christmas ornament, this time of Darth Vader after he's told Luke about their family connection (it talks, too!)
1 Darth Tater (yup, I've even got a Darth Tater)
A picture of T on our wedding day
Another picture of T & I
And another one of The Boy
A picture of The Boy & T's dad (that everyone assumes is my dad for some reason)
Gah! More dust
A hydrocephalic baby Jesus (I found him in the 'Kings Cake' that Irene made after New Year's; He apparently didnt fare too well in the baking process)
An Episode I movie poster, kindly donated by ETS
A plant that's stayed alive despite my feeding it Mountain Dew
A stick for poking my nearest cellmate
A poster of an F-14 & an aircraft carrier from The Boy
A bottle of water (placed right next to the plant, just to be mean)

What I'm wondering is why I don't have more fun at work? A lot of my toys are here.