Monday, April 18, 2005

Meme Goodness

I found this at Amy's, too. She's just been a wealth of blogging ideas today.

Last Cigarette: Never
Last Alcoholic Drink: A sip, back in 1995
Last Car Ride: On my way back from picking up The Boy from school
Last Movie Seen in Theaters: Robots
Last Movie Rented: Van Helsing & Hidalgo (I didn't get to watch Hidalgo & wished that I hadn't seen Van Helsing)
Last Cuss Word Uttered: GRRRRRAAAARRRRRRRGH!!! Or something to that effect
Last Beverage Drank: A Diet Coke (Gotta watch my figure, y'know)
Last Food Consumed: Leftover lasagna
Last Time Showered: This morning
Last Phone Call: From T this evening
Last Text Message: I have no means of text messaging
Last TV Show Watched: Some form of Law & Order last night
Last Shoes Worn: Asics
Last CD Played: I can't remember - but I was head bangin' to a cassette of Iron Maiden's Number Of The Beast on the way to pick up The Boy
Last CD Bought: Ugh...these questions are too hard. I think it was the bundle of U2 & Tubes discs that I found at the thrift store a couple months ago
Last Annoyance: The shorter list would be of things that didn't annoy me
Last Disappointment: That the house we found to rent yesterday was just a hair too small for us
Last Thing Written: (by hand) Probably some order number (typed) "number"
Last Word Spoken: "...finished!"
Last IM: I can't recall the last time I IM'd
Last Weird Encounter: Yesterday, when T & I went to look at the aforementioned rental & I realized that the wife of the husband/wife landlord duo was a girl that I'd gone to elementary/junior high with
Last Ice Cream Eaten: Oreo Cookies & Cream
Last Time In Love: It's been one continous time for the past couple years
Last Time Hugged: This morning by T
Last Shirt Worn: My black/stripey button-up
Last Webpage Visited:
Last Thing Lost: I don't remember - must not have been that important
Last Regret: That I only have half a bag of Double Schtuff Oreo's left