Monday, November 29, 2004

blOgS rAWk!!!

I decided to try the "Next Blog" button at the top of my page, just to see what's going on out there & where ol' Blogger might take me.

I've now seen enough blogs in Spanish/Swahili/poorly written English, blogs written by junior high school girls & sites where pEEps tHiNk iT's kEWl 2 wRiTe lIkE tHIs to last me a lifetime. In fact, I think I might just throw up if I run across another black backgrounded, tiny pink fonted assault on my senses.

I did, however come across a few with some potential. V Stands For Vampire, Mike's Blog, & The A Files are three that I stumbled across that a) have something interesting to read, b) are well written & c) hAvE nO tEXt LiKe tHIs.

Give 'em a looksee, Loyal Readers, & see what you think.