Tuesday, April 20, 2004

Fuzzy Doughnuts

I stopped by a doughnut shop on the way to work this morning, as I had a few extra minutes before work. When I walked in, I saw a woman, nicely dressed, knelt down in front of the counter picking up a box of a dozen doughnuts that she'd dropped. I figured she'd pick them up & get another box. To my shock & amazement, she put the top back on the box, said "Let's try that again" & WALKED OUT WITH THE DOUGHNUTS THAT HAD BEEN DROPPED!!!

Eww! Ewww!! EWWWW!!!!!

I feel so sorry for her unsuspecting co-workers.

Co-Worker #1: Mmm...doughnuts! I think I'll have a glazed one. Uh, what's the fuzzy stuff on top of this one?

Woman: Oh...uhh...it's a...umm...new topping! Yes, yes, a new topping. It's not like I dropped them on the floor or anything...heh, heh.

Co-Worker #1: What was that?

Woman: Uh...nothing, nothing.

Co-Worker #2: Why is this jelly doughnut so gritty?

Woman: They're sprinkles.

Co-Worker #2: Gravel is a sprinkle?

Woman: Gravel sprinkles are a great source of minerals. Now are you going to eat it or not?

Co-Worker #2: *crunch* Ow! My tooth!

Co-Worker #1: I'm not feeling so good...

I think I may have second thoughts the next time someone brings in a pink box.