Thursday, March 02, 2006

Happy Holidays, Australia & New Zealand!

As I turned my calendar to March this morning, I noticed that Australia & New Zealand have, between the two of them, 10 holidays or days of note this month. They have the following:

3/1/06 - First Day of Autumn (AUS & NZ)

3/6/06 - Labour Day (AUS-WA)

3/13/06 - Commonwealth Day (AUS & NZ)

Labour Day (AUS-Vic)

Eight Hours Day (AUS-Tas)

Taranaki Anniversary (NZ)

3/19/06 - Daylight Saving Time ends (NZ)

3/20/06 - Canberra Day (AUS-ACT)

Otago Anniversary (NZ)

3/26/06 - Daylight Saving Time ends (AUS)

We have the following:

3/17/06 - St. Patrick's Day

So, in the month of March, Australia & New Zealand observe the changing of seasons, historical (I'm assuming) anniversaries, the working man, their countries & manmade time changes.

On the other side of the planet, we celebrate public drunkenness with green beer.

Way to go, America.