Saturday, June 25, 2005

Guess I Need To Buy The Book

I took the Church of Travolta...uh, I mean, Scientology Emotional Tone Level test. Well, actually, my alterego Ted McGinley, Inactive Man of Action (named because, according to the test, I am "inactive, but capable of action." Oh, & I said my name was Ted McGinley. No offense, Ted. Nothin' but love for you, my friend.) According to the Church of mean, Scientology, I have an Emotional Tone Level of 3.5. Which means:

You have a very good value as a friend.
You are well loved by others.
Your possessions are in good condition.
Others understand you well.
You have the potential to be incredibly successful.

But, alas, I "still suffer from momentary spells of stress, anxiety, unhappiness and irrational anger."

Which, of course, makes me stressed out, anxious, unhappy & consumed with irrational anger!

It's like they know me or something.