Monday, December 13, 2004

Gingerbread contest

My work is having a gingerbread house building contest. Each team gets a house making kit. Rules are this: Use anything you want as long as it is edible. You can bring pieces premade...but the majority of the assembly has to be done during the two hour contest. We have a little team...originally called Team IT...we now call ourselves the IT girls...because there are two IT teams. we had a the first of two planning meetings.

We decided on a theme...we are building "santa's barn". There will be marshmellow reindeer (my department) and other animals...we are going to slap licorice on the sides of the house to make it a barn..with graham cracker doors...snowy bales of hay (frosted shredded wheat)...a stone walk (necco) and a tiled roof (nilla wafers). Of course...this may be a lofty goal because of the three of us...none of us have even built a gingerbread house...ever...and only one of us has even decorated one. The houses will then be used as centerpieces for the university holiday party...wish us luck...hopefully I will have some pictures over at BADGROOVE...contest is THURSDAY...wish us luck...we want that pizza party!!! I am sure we won't win...but we will have fun trying!!!

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Guest Author: Amy of Badgroove