Friday, April 06, 2007


I've known you since the moment you were born.

I watched you take your first steps. Heard you say your first words.

I've seen you at your lowpoints & have seen you soar to great heights. I've watched you, with a mixture of wonder, curiousity & pride, as you've explored your world.

And now - I've seen you cross the threshold into becoming a young man.

I'm watching you take your first steps into the big, wide world. I'm hearing you talk less like a child & more like a young person finding his way.

I'll still be there for you when you wander into the low valleys of life & I'll be there, bursting with joy as I see you achieve the greatness that you are destined to reach.

I'll still watch you with a mixture of wonder, curiousity & pride as I see you explore this strange new place called 'adolescence'.

Never forget that, no matter hold old you get, how much you learn & acomplish in this life, no matter what path life will have you take - to me you'll always be that little blond haired boy in overalls, blowing on dandelions, getting excited at the sound of trash trucks & fire engines & racing his three-wheeler around the park.

You'll always be my little boy.

Happy Birthday