Friday, February 23, 2007

The Sick Day MI:5

I kept seeing these 'MI:5' memes over at Amy's place. Being the curious sort, I asked her what this was all about & was informed that the memes are filled out by a group of bloggers every weeks (Hi everyone!). Each week, someone's tagged with coming up with some themed questions, sends them out to the others & tags someone else to take the next week. (That last part may be a little tricky for me, as I only know of Amy...hmm). Anyway, that long-winded intro was my way of saying "Here's my first entry in the MI:5 thing-a-ma-bob."


1. When was the last time you were sick? What was wrong? [Earlier this month I had a bout of bronchitis. I don't get colds anymore; I get bronchitis]

2. Have you ever been in the hospital? Why? [When I was about 7 years old I had to have an operation on a hernia. The thing that sucked the most? When I was finally able to eat food again, the nurse gave me a menu for breakfast the next day. And, of course, I was discharged the next morning - before breakfast]

3. What is the one food that almost always makes you feel better when you are feeling ill? [It depends on the illness. With a cold, I can't get enough of anything to eat. With a stomach bug, I can't even look at food]

4. When was the last time you had a headache? [About three minutes ago. But now that my boss has left the office, I feel much better]

5. Do you have any alternative remedies you try when you are feeling under the weather? [Mega-doses of Vitamin C (I don't care what the 'experts' say - it works) & Ny-Quil. Lots & lots of Ny-quil]