Tuesday, December 05, 2006

This is not J..and no I do not play him on TV. This is Amy...and I play Amy on badgroove.com. I promised to help keep J's little corner of the web warm until he gets back from his annual thankmas festivities.

I have to tell you all of an experience...I had to use the restroom at work. And now that I am in a large high volume building I decided to use the restroom at the opposite end of where I usually go. I went in and was doing my thing...when KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK on the bathroom door (now this is a large five seater so to speak so I thought that was odd...and then I hear it:


Now what to do? Do I hollar out: YO! WOMAN INSIDE???

Instead I coughed and that seemed to be enough...

When I came out, right outside of the door was a bucket and plunger...and not far from that a friendly looking maintenance man.

He said: Is there anyone else in there?

As he asked this..another girl walks into the bathroom...
I said JUST HER.

I left for my car...to get some stuff out of the back that I bought to festivize the office...and on my way back the poor maintenance guy was still waiting...every time someone would walk out...three more would walk in!!